Gail Deemer


The Day Before Christmas

On the day before Christmas, the gifts were a mess,
The dog tore the paper, and peed on the rest.
The stockings we hung by the chimney last year,
Were packed up after Christmas, but we’re not sure where.

Decorations and tree lights were strewn everywhere,
The tree wasn’t up yet, the instructions weren't there.
Our children were fighting but nine words stopped it short.
"Got a message from Santa, he wants a report."

A last-minute shopper and I fought for some tape.
For a little old lady, she was in great shape.
With presents to rewrap and the house a big mess,
We sat down exhausted for a much needed rest.

We decorated the tree; the children helped, too,
They threw handfuls of tinsel, should hit the tree soon.
The kids went to bed early, no sulking this year,
Left cookies for Santa and treats for his reindeer.

At the end of the evening, we snuggled in bed,
Wanted a good night's sleep but the phone rang instead.
"Who could be calling at this time of night?"
Said, "This better be urgent!" and turned on the light.

The North Pole was calling, confirming our order,
Delivery by Santa, some still on back-order.
I slammed down the receiver and turned out the lights;
But after tossing and turning, rose for the night.

Going for coffee, I heard a strange noise;
Thought to myself, "Someone’s stealing the toys!"
With a bat in my hands, I snuck down to see
Santa placing the last gift under the tree.

A creak from the stairway said he wasn’t alone
But he just reached in his bag and threw Butchie a bone.
He ate all the cookies and looked for some more,
Put the treats in his bag and went out the front door.

His strange exit surprised me; I wanted to see,
Why he walked out of the house, not up the chimney.
Donning a robe and slippers, I ran out the door,
Saw his sleigh with the reindeer dropping 'gifts' by the score.

Yelled, "Stop right there, Santa!" "You're cleaning those turds!"
But he just climbed into the sleigh and flipped me the bird.
I heard him exclaim loudly as he flew out of view,
"I'm not cleaning that mess; the 'gifts' are for you!"


As I Wait For The Bus

Snow falls on me, around me
Adding another layer of insulation
Against the cold for spring’s growth
As I wait for the bus.

A bird flies from one branch to another
One chirp, then two piercing the quiet

A car passes by its engine muted
Slush hissing at the tires as it passes by
Snowflakes dancing in its wake
as I wait for the bus.

© copyright Gail Deemer 2011


Surrounding Mists


Mists surround me as I walk;

Moving with each step, I take.

The present clear, the future dim,

While tendrils shroud the past.




I climb the trail when crisis ends,

The shroud lifts for a moment

I turn around, the past is clear,

The road, just paced, revealed.


Misdeeds compel the road I stride,

I smile or cringe at each step taken,

Stay on the old, or start anew,

A choice I must now make.


My lifelong journey starts again,

The surrounding mists protect

And cover steps already taken,

Waiting to reveal what lies ahead.

 © Gail Deemer 2009




Christmas Angel


We held you close and touched you softly,

We gazed, with awe, as you slept.

Your sister, so happy to have a brother,

She wanted to know why you left.


Your family and friends, they visited you,

For the last time and they cried.

So sudden, they said, God took you back,

You left us behind when you died.          


Mommy and Daddy miss you so much,

Grammy and Pappy do too.   

A cross, placed in your tiny cold hands             

Was Grandma’s last gift to you.                                                             Michael Brandon Alderman


An angel now watches as you sleep,

For Mommy and Daddy on earth.

She touches the hand that held our fingers,

She held you before your birth.

© Gail Deemer 2009